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Microscopists of LJ

Looking at small things

Looking at small things
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This is a community in which you can discuss various aspects of all forms of microscopy. Optical, electron, confocal and even others your maintainer hasn't heard of.

Discuss prep tips, image analysis/manipulation, post images you've captured, and any other things to do with microscopy.

Images should be posted under an lj-cut with some sort of brief description, preferably you should include a quick note of the technical details of any images you've captured. For example, EM images should include details such as accelerating voltages, vacuum conditions, fixation techniques. Just as a guide for people wishing to capture similar images, or even for others to provide tips on how to improve your images. Please also include a rough description explaining what is being seen for those unfamiliar with the specimens in question.

My hope is for this community to be useful to budding microscopists, plus provide the opportunity to show off snazzy pictures.

All images belong to whoever they belong to - get permission before using them elsewhere. Copyright, etc. You know the score.